Gallant Videography

We are a video production company that will help build your brand/business/vision through the eyes of video.  

Business Advantage Promotional Video

Stop waiting for people to one day find your company and connect with you. Go to where they are! Social media and web are hotter than ever for business of all types.  We are competing in a space that dominated with the need for quick information, and video is the number 1 way to engage customers.  Don't wait to get your business connected with the world - Make 2018 the year you make the choice to grow your company...



Who is this for?

Companies and organizations that don’t have a large need for flashy media elements, but still want to have a web presents to grow their business.

Companies who want to introduce their brand into new areas.

Organizations that want to share their mission, vision, and passion to serve others.

Businesses that want to have a simple, stress-free way to “test the waters” of digital marketing.



Your Package Includes:

Self explanatory, easy to understand, and proven system for laying out each shot and wording within the video.

Specific templates that are designed to match the type of business, and/or product/service you are selling.

Camera operator on-site at your **location for up to 2 hours.

Optional voice over artist to add a professional produced voice over track or a taking head interview.

Polished edit of the footage and voice over track coupled with a royalty-free licensed music bed.

Complete rights and ownership to use the finished promotional video on websites, social media, or via email as you see fit*.

Note: Locations outside of the Brunswick County NC area may have additional charges - please contact us for details.

*Please let us know if you would like to use this video for broadcast applications.  There will be an upcharge for music licensing, and we will make sure the video is cut to exactly 30 seconds to fit broadcast standards.

**This package includes a single location for filming.  For additional locations, please let us know at the time you are booking your package.